Secret Connecticut

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Find the state’s most interesting and offbeat stories in Secret Connecticut: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure.

  • Where can you find Stonehenge-like monoliths and an Airstream trailer suspended 31 feet in the air?
  • On what island can you learn the bagpipes or have a silent retreat?
  • In what town can you find a nun who kissed Elvis?
  • Where can you find props and costumes from some of the most famous monster movies?
  • Who came up with the phrase “Elementary, my dear…”?
  • What were Martin Luther King Jr.’s experiences in Connecticut and how did they affect the course of his career?
  • Where did John Adams take a spa vacation?
  • Is there a replica of Marie Antoinette’s palace in the state?

The author brings to life Connecticut’s long history of intriguing people, places, and events in short vignettes that will surprise and fascinate even lifelong residents.

This is no dry doorstop of a book: Full of photos, Secret Connecticut tells 84 stories that will make readers say “I didn’t know that!”

“Quirky, interesting, and informative, Secret Connecticut paints a new picture of our ‘drive-by’ state, and brings its rich history to life.”

Greenwich Sentinel, April 2, 2021
Photo by Ashley Poppa
Photo by Robert Gregson
Photo by Kelly Hunt, Cherish the Moment Photography
Photo by ChiChi Ubina

The book’s 84 stories span the state, subject matter, and time periods, so the author can tailor a presentation to each audience.

Stasha Healy is available for media interviews and presentations for bookstores, museums, historical societies, book clubs, and other organizations.

Softcover. 208 pages. Publisher: Reedy Press. Release date: March 15, 2021. ISBN: 9781681063058.

Photo by Anastasia Mills Healy
Photo by Anastasia Mills Healy

“I’m reading a story from Secret Connecticut aloud at the beginning of class every day. Today we read the MLK Jr. story, which surprised all of us and tied in perfectly to the book we are reading, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry.”

MaryBeth Farrell, 6th Grade English Teacher
Eastern Middle School, Greenwich, CT

“Full of interesting stories, all nicely composed.” 

Adrienne Saint-Pierre, Curator
The Barnum Museum, Bridgeport, CT